Call for Volunteers (second request)

As we mentioned in the previous post, we are losing two long-time volunteers. To continue bringing the best in foreign and independent films to Bethesda and surrounding communities we need your help.

We’ve already recruited a website manager, an email list manager, and a press relations person, but are still in need of volunteers to fill the following positions:

Director of Operations

  • Interacts with film distributors to obtain film screeners and the final film choices
  • Interacts with the theater to negotiate rent, schedule screening dates, and provide access to the monthly films

Finance Officer

  • Keeps track of finances for the group
  • Provides a financial report at board meetings and when requested by the board president
  • Maintains non-profit status (501c3) by filling out the required paperwork on a yearly basis
  • Deposits income from film screenings, donations, and memberships (if any) in the CAB bank account
  • Pays expenses accrued by the group
  • Sells tickets at each film showing

Bagel Person

  • Order and pick up bagels and cream cheese
  • Deliver to the theater by 9 am and place them out for consumption by 9:30 am

If you are interested in any of these positions, email us at

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