Call for Volunteers

In order for Cinema Art Bethesda to continue bringing the best in foreign and independent film to Bethesda and surrounding communities we need your help. We are an all-volunteer organization and two of its long-time volunteers are moving on.

Cinema Art Bethesda, founded in 1995 by Beverly Zeidenberg, has screened 260 films since its inception. We sincerely hope to continue screening films, but cannot do it without enough volunteers. We are in search of volunteers to fill the following positions and their main duties:

  • President — Oversees the film group, sets the yearly calendar with input from the board, schedules and chairs board meetings, reviews all screeners for suggested films (or delegates a film reviewer)
  • Director of Operations — Interacts with film distributors to obtain film screeners and the final film choices, interacts with the theater to negotiate rent, schedule screening dates, and provide access to the monthly films
  • Press Relations Person — Writes and sends press releases about the various films to select media
  • Website Manager — Keeps the website updated with film listings including pages for each film and a front page news post each month regarding the film,
  • Email List Manager — Adds new subscribers, removes subscribers when requested, writes and sends monthly informational emails and any extra emails as needed to subscribers
  • Treasurer — Keeps track of finances for the group, provides a financial report at board meetings and when requested by the President, maintains non-profit status (501c3) by filling out the required paperwork on a yearly basis, deposits income from film screenings, donations, and memberships (if any) in the CAB bank account, pays expenses accrued by the group, attends each film showing and sells tickets

Please note that some of the above can be combined as was the case in the past few years.

The volunteers holding these positions currently are available for questions or training throughout the rest of the summer.

If any of these positions interest you, please let us know by emailing Neil Goldstein at or calling 240-395-0042.

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