The Silent Revolution

Beginning on Thursday, October 15, Cinema Art Bethesda will stream the German film, The Silent Revolution. The stream will be available for 72 hours, until noon Sunday, October 18. At noon on that Sunday, there will be a post-film discussion moderated by Adam Spector via Zoom. We will provide more information as we near the streaming dates.

The film is 111 minutes long and in German with English subtitles. It was released in 2018 and won eight awards including the Bavarian film Awards‘ Best Young Actor (Jonas Dassler) and German Film Awards‘ Outstanding Feature Film.

Bring your 12th graders to this one! We’d love to hear their thoughts on it.


A gripping and true story set in 1956 in East Germany of a group of students who saw their life changed forever by a harmless human act of solidarity during the early stage of the Cold War, where freedom of thinking and integrity could make anyone an enemy of the state… or an ordinary hero. This is a film about the extraordinary courage of young individuals in a time of political oppression.

The year is 1956. During a visit to the cinema in West Berlin, high school pupils Theo and Kurt see dramatic pictures of the Hungarian uprising in Budapest on the newsreel. Back at school in Stalinstadt, they spontaneously decide to hold a minute’s silence in solidarity with the victims of the uprising during a lesson. But the gesture causes much bigger ripples than expected: while their headmaster initially tries to put the whole thing down to the whim of youth, the schoolchildren become objects of the political machinations of the fledgling East Germany. The People’s Education Minister condemns the action as a clearly counterrevolutionary act and demands that the ringleader be named within a week. But the schoolchildren stick together, thus facing with a decision that will change their lives for ever…

(Text copied from US distributor’s site.)