Looking for Volunteers

Cinema Art Bethesda (CAB) is looking for a volunteer to help with our communications with various media outlets. Here’s a brief synopsis of the duties and skills required:

  • CAB advertises in the following publications:
  • Bethesda Urban Partnership’s Calendar of Events
  • Bethesda Magazine’s on-line events calendar
  • The Washington Post Weekend Section
  • The Agenda News (on-line)
  • WhoFish (on-line)

Each publication has its own deadlines and formats. So, to do the job requires organizational skills and the ability to keep track of deadline dates.

All input is accomplished on-line so another skill required is the ability to enter and edit the necessary information using a computer. All data for input is readily available from our website and flyers. The merging and re-formatting of the data is all that is necessary.

The time to do the job should amount to no more than 2 hours/month.

Contact Neil Goldstein at neilsgoldstein@verizon.net if you are interested.


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